Free Live Training for US Real Estate Investors

Navigating Tax Issues in Syndication and Fund Investments

Don’t Get Lost Trying to Unravel Your Taxes as a Passive Investor

Live on Zoom, Tuesday April 2nd at 11:00am MST

In just 1.5 hours we’ll be covering:

🧠 What is a Schedule K-1 and what you need to know as a passive investor

💡 How to handle distributions, income and losses

💸 Understanding critical tax deadlines and how to keep more of your money at tax time

⏰ How timely planning can avert complications and optimize your tax position

✅ ...And much more!

Meet Your Hosts

Thomas Castelli


Thomas Castelli is a Tax Strategist and investor working 1-1 with 100+ investors to help them reduce their tax bills. On the investing side, he was on the sponsorship team of an 82-unit apartment community and has invested in multiple syndicates/funds as an LP. He also hosts the Tax Smart REI podcast which has 130,000 monthly listeners and 3.8 million downloads.

Chris Lopez

Property Llama

Chris Lopez went from zero network, zero knowledge, one property, and $10,000 in his bank account to having a portfolio of 9 properties and businesses that do $100M/year in sales in a few short years. He is a Colorado real estate investor, entrepreneur, and host of the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.