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How to Find Your Real Estate “Exit Strategy” While Setting Your Children Up for Success and Limiting Tax Liability

Join Pam Maass and Chris Lopez for a One-of-a-Kind Workshop Where You’ll Discover Whether It’s Time to Sell Your Properties or Pass Them on to Your Children

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About This Free Workshop
If you’re a successful real estate investor with a substantial portfolio and estate planning is a priority, this workshop is a must-attend. 

Analyze your real estate portfolio like a Financial Planner

Identify the right “business plan” for each property in your portfolio

Plan short- and long-term moves to achieve your “exit strategy”

Set your children up for success while limiting tax liability

And much more!

Hosted By

Pamela Maass Garrett

CEO, Law Mother LLC

 Pamela Maass Garrett is an Estate Planning Attorney, mother, wife, entrepreneur and CEO of Law Mother LLC, a law firm she founded to help parents protect their futures and loved ones. Planted in Colorado, Pamela focuses her practice on helping families and business owners protect their future and loved ones.


Chris Lopez

Co-Founder & CMO, Property Llama

Chris Lopez went from zero network, zero knowledge, one property, and $10,000 in his bank account to having a portfolio of 9 properties and businesses that do $100M/year in sales in a few short years. He is a Colorado real estate investor, entrepreneur, and host of the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.


Workshop Agenda

Why you should NOT get tunnel vision about protecting your assets if it sets your kids up for failure

How to understand your current portfolio performance and whether or not it’s helping or hurting your goals

When passing properties on isn’t the best solution -
A comprehensive review of all your options

What Is Property Llama?

To coach you on portfolio analysis all attendees will be granted free lifetime access to Property Llama, our proprietary portfolio management software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend this event? I’m an experienced real estate investor and I already have a team of experts I consult

This webinar is not about the traditional way of buying your first or even your next property. We’re offering you a 50,000-foot view of how to continue to grow your real estate portfolio and hand it off to your kids. We’ll look at 3 main issues.

  1. One, how to set your kids up for success. This is by far the most important thing. We’ve seen so many horror stories.
  2. Second, how to do it in a tax efficient way so you or your kids don’t owe Uncle Sam some giant tax bill or are forced to sell the property in order to pay the taxes.
  3. Third, how to make sure that your real estate portfolio is aligned with your current investing goals, so it can be handed off when it’s time for your kids to take over.

I've never heard of Chris Lopez before. What makes him qualified to coach me on real estate investing?

Chris has a degree in financial planning. He decided to not pursue that career because helping people buy stocks and bonds never excited him. He got bit by the real estate bug and after a couple of years of investing himself, as well as helping hundreds of clients invest, he carved out a niche for himself in longer-term real estate investing. Many of Chris’s clients refer to him as their real estate financial planner. He helps them grow their wealth long-term by optimizing their real estate portfolio. Chris’s approach to real estate comes from him being an investor himself, who’d like to pass on his portfolio to his wife and three daughters, and also as a real estate professional who’s advised and coached thousands of clients.

OK let's say I believe you and attend this workshop. What are the outcomes? How will I benefit?

This webinar will give you clarity on the steps you must take before passing your real estate portfolio on to your kids. It goes beyond just setting up an LLC or trust, which are important. You’ll understand the best way to hand the keys of your real estate portfolio over to your kids. You’re handing a business to your kids. And we’re seen what can happen when it’s not done the right way.

So we’re going to make sure that passing your portfolio on to your children is the right move in the first place, and that your kids can handle it if you do. We’ll also cover different plans you can put into place to make sure they understand the numbers and the business side and, when it comes down to it, actually manage the properties. And we’ll cover investment vehicles you can put your properties in that may be alternative ways to pass them on to your kids.

How do Chris and Pam know each other? What’s their working relationship?

Five years ago, Chris saw a Facebook ad for Pam’s business, Law Mother, about setting up trusts. So he reached out and set up a living trust with Pam and had a fantastic experience. She took care of Chris and his family, and they were thrilled. He has since referred hundreds of his clients and podcast listeners to her, and they’ve all had great success with Pam.

Over the years, Chris and Pam have built a great relationship. When Pam has a client with real estate questions and they’re not sure how to proceed, she often refers them to Chris for his experience and expertise. Chris is great at what he does and Pam is great at what she does. Together, they’re indispensable team members for many of their clients.

Why do I need a Property Llama account? I already have my own way of managing my real estate portfolio

We’ll be using Property Llama, our proprietary portfolio management software, to demonstrate the strategies as we’re teaching them. In order to use the software, you’ll need properties to upload.

Will I be able to watch a recording if I can't attend the live sessions?

Yes! If you sign up for this event and you can’t make the live session, or you have to leave during the session, we’ll email you the recording 1-2 days later

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