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Chris Lopez Presents: The Real Estate Wealth Formula with Property Llama

Video 1: Introduction to Return on Equity & Why It Matters
In this video, you’ll learn the four main principles of the real estate wealth formula. 🚀
Video 2: Understanding the 3 Factor Alignment
Dive into the crucial alignment of your goals, strategy, and market for successful real estate investing! Learn four key questions to define your goals, enter them into the user-friendly Property Llama platform, and start your journey toward a $10,000/month cash flow. Don't stress the details—initiate the process, connect with a team member, and refine your approach over time. 🚀
Video 3: The Four Returns in Real Estate Cash Flow is NOT everything
In this video, we’ll break down of the four ways to make money in real estate investing with a detailed $100,000 property example. While cash flow is important, it is not the only factor to consider when evaluating real estate investments. Discover how appreciation, debt paydown, and depreciation can significantly elevate your returns. 🚀
Video 4: Return on Equity ROE Playing Real Life Monopoly
Learn from Chris’s personal journey—starting with a $67,000 condo and then leveraging his equity for a game-changing fourplex, skyrocketing his ROE from 6.95% to 25.7%. 🚀 Dive into the difference between ROI and ROE, and discover the game-changing impact on cash flow and returns!
Video 5: Introduction to Return on Equity & Why It Matters
In this video, Chris explores the crucial shift from Growth Mode to Income Mode. Discover the dynamic phases of real estate investing, from building equity in the growth phase to generating monthly cash flow in the income phase. 🚀 Learn how to efficiently achieve your income goals by strategically navigating these phases, leveraging equity gains, and calculating your portfolio's Net Operating Income (NOI) with tools like Property Llama.
Video 6: Introduction to Return on Equity & Why It Matters
Master the 5-Step Architecture Plan for Real Estate Wealth! 💼💡 In this video, Chris will guide you through a comprehensive portfolio analysis using the Property Llama software. Explore the crucial steps, from realigning goals and taking a global view to analyzing individual investments and how to model 'what if' scenarios in order to create your action plan! 🚀
Video 7: PA Step 1 - Your Goals
In this video, Chris reviews and realigns his goals for his portfolio. His main goal is to achieve $20,000 per month in cash flow from real estate. Chris is currently in the accumulation phase, meaning he needs to acquire more rental properties to reach his goal. 🏠
Video 8: PA Step 2 - Global Review
In this video, Chris conducts a detailed global review of his real estate portfolio using the Property Llama software.

Discover the key insights and metrics that shed light on the performance of your portfolio, such as loan to value, cap rate, and annual income. Learn how to interpret all the data in your portfolio and why optimizing equity returns is crucial for future growth.
Video 9: PA Step 3 - Analyze Individual Investments
In this video, Chris delves into the intricacies of evaluating individual properties within a real estate investment portfolio. Learn why it’s crucial to use current data and accurate property values for a precise analysis.

Chris explores a sample portfolio featuring single-family rentals, a fourplex, and a condo, uncovering key metrics like return on equity, loan-to-value, and cap rate. 🏡 Learn how adjusting rents to market rates can optimize performance, and discover the importance of considering both quantitative and non-quantitative factors in your analysis. 📈
Video 10: PA Step 4 - Scenario Modeling
Explore game-changing opportunities through the world of real estate portfolio modeling. In this video, Chris uses the Property Llama software to show two potential investing strategies for an example property with $450,000 in equity: a 1031 exchange and a cash-out refinance.

Discover how to model out scenarios and select the best strategy to accelerate your progress and cut years off your timeline of reaching your financial freedom goals!
Video 11: PA Step 5 - Action Plan
In this video, Chris walks you through Step 5: Creating or updating your portfolio architecture action plan!

Learn how to conduct a brain dump of your long-term goals and take actionable steps within the next 30-90 days. Get insights into leveraging Property Llama's virtual models and validating them against real-world data by collaborating with your team. 🔍 Discover how to compare different scenarios like selling and upgrading vs. a cash-out refinance and select the best option to propel your goals forward. 🚀💰Refine your action plan and start seizing more opportunities in the ever-evolving real estate market!
Video 13: 3 Factor Alignment - What Strategy is Right For you?
In this video, Chris guides you through aligning your investment strategy with the ever-changing market conditions. Explore a range of strategies, including fix and flipping to Airbnb rentals, with practical insights for each.

Discover how to customize your approach to fit your unique situation and local real estate dynamics. The key to success is regular reassessment, coupled with consulting local professionals for a strategy perfectly attuned to your current market realities. 📈🔍
Video 15: Strategy #1 - Flipping
In this video, Chris delves into the intricacies of flipping properties as a real estate investment strategy. Chris discusses the challenges of finding suitable properties, the high time investment required, and the necessary skill level in areas like construction, project management, and budgeting.

Some key takeaways to consider include the importance of building a robust network, the risks associated with flipping, and the business-like approach it demands. While offering significant profit potential, the fix and flip strategy may not be suitable for those with limited time, skills, or a low risk tolerance.
Video 16: Strategy #2 - Wholesaling
In this video, Chris provides a detailed overview of real estate wholesaling—buying off-market properties from distressed owners and reselling contracts to investors for profit.

Discover the challenges of low deal availability, requiring intensive direct marketing efforts. Chris shares his personal struggle wholesaling in a competitive market, emphasizing the key steps, necessary skills, and the importance of a strong network. Learn about minimal capital requirements, licensing considerations, and gain insights into finding success and alignment as a real estate agent.
Video 17: Strategy #3 - BRRRR
In this video, discover the secrets of the BRRRR strategy. Chris delves into the intricacies of Buying distressed properties below market value, strategically Rehabbing to boost their worth, Renting for stability, and finally, Refinancing to extract equity for the next lucrative venture.

Chris will explain each step in depth, from finding the right properties to performing a successful rehab, and strategic refinancing. Learn all about the challenges, including low inventory, the need for capital, and the importance of networking. While BRRRR can be lucrative, it's crucial to consider it as a business and evaluate its feasibility in the current market conditions.
Video 18: Strategy #4 - Long Term Rental
In this video, Chris breaks down the long-term rental strategy. Discover why they're considered the "bread and butter" of real estate, offering stable income through rentals.

Join Chris as he analyzes his property with Property Llama, showcasing how a 25% down payment can yield $2,600 in monthly net income. Long-term rentals offer stable income with minimal effort, yet demand a substantial capital investment. Collaborate with a real estate agent and lender to analyze deals effectively based on your individual goals and current market conditions. Overall, long-term rentals are considered a lower-risk method of generating returns from real estate.
Video 19: Strategy #5 - Short Term Rental (STR)
In this video, Chris breaks down the short-term rental strategy. Discover the unique rules, regulations, and risks associated with STR investments.

Learn where to find lucrative deals, how to navigate financing, and why managing an STR is more than just renting—it's running a hospitality business! 🛌💼 Dive into the higher capital requirements, potential tax implications, and the enticing returns that come with this dynamic investment strategy.
Video 20: Strategy #6 - Medium Term Rental (MTR)
In this video, Chris covers the medium-term rental strategy. Uncover the secrets to minimal effort and maximum returns as we explore rentals lasting 30 days to 6 months.

From furnished units for digital nomads to catering to traveling professionals, learn how MTRs strike the perfect balance between short and long-term investments. Find out the skills you need and the capital required to embark on this lucrative journey. With low to medium risk and estimated returns reaching a 19% ROI, MTRs offer a compelling option for your real estate portfolio.
Video 21: Strategy #7 - Rent by Room (RBR)
In this video, Chris will show you how to maximize cash flow with room-by-room rental strategy. Ideal for larger homes with 5+ bedrooms, this strategy turns every room into a separate income stream.

Discover how to navigate the hands-on management, from individual leases to potential tenant conflicts, ensuring a smooth operation. Learn where to find suitable properties, the time commitment involved, and the essential skills for success. While the risk is medium, the returns can soar to 20-25%+, making it a high-yield option in your real estate arsenal.
Video 22: Strategy#8 - House Hacking
In this video, Chris breaks down the world of House Hacking! Live in your property while renting out other units to supercharge your income.

Whether it's a duplex, triplex, or fourplex, or even a single-family home with strategic room rentals, House Hacking offers unbeatable benefits. Discover the low down payment options, like 3.5% FHA or 0% VA for veterans, making it the perfect strategy for those starting with minimal cash. Chris breaks down a $590,000 property, showing how a 5% down payment of $30,000 leads to a remarkable 95%+ return on investment! Ideal for those who can move every few years, house hacking is your shortcut to building a rental portfolio quickly.
Video 23: Strategy Wrap-up
Level up your real estate game with Property Llama! Join Chris in this video for an in-depth look at using Property Llama to underwrite different investment strategies.

Easily analyze potential returns for short-term rentals, medium-term rentals, and more with just a few clicks. Our software seamlessly integrates with the spectrum of factors we've explored in prior videos. Gain insights, explore new strategies, and make informed decisions. While Property Llama is your tool for analysis, remember: for accurate local market insights, trust your real estate agent and lender. Dive into the world of possibilities with Property Llama and accelerate your path to achieving financial freedom!
Video 24: Your Investing Plan
Short-term goals? We've got you covered with a laser focus on the next 30-90 days. Whether it's talking to lenders or scouting properties, we've got the roadmap for you. And for the long haul? Define your goals, strategies, and target markets over 10-20+ years. Don't just think it, ink it! Our "brain dump" format ensures your plans are captured and ready for action. Share it with your spouse, partners, and your real estate team. Get feedback, play devil's advocate, and access resources to turn those dreams into reality.

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